Private Lessons

Private Lessons – are perfect for players trying to get maximum improvement out of their game in a much smaller window of time. Whether you’re a Professional or a Beginner, individual attention will allow you to achieve your goals faster than any other method of training. Private lessons are also the most efficient way for us to iron out any bad habits in technique that have accrued over the years.

Private Lesson Rates – contact us for Private and Semi-Private individual and package training rates.

For Corporate Events – email us and let us know about your event.
Our basic four methods for training that proves very reliable in allowing the trainee to achieve their full potential.

STAGE ONE – we establish the style of learning that is most responsive to you. For example, are you a “doer,” “thinker,” “feeler,” “visual learner,” or “trial and error” style of learner? We make our assessment, adjust our method to suit your style, then we focus on what skills need the most attention. Having taught over 15,000 hours of Beach Volleyball coaching, we have nearly a dozen ways of explaining each and every skill performed in great detail. It’s just a matter of finding the right way for each person to respond accordingly.

STAGE TWO – we create and customize your training to fit your individual skills, needs, and wants. We break down fundamentals, as needed to make the game simple and easy to understand, allowing you to be as effective and efficient as possible. We often video tape the training session (if package is purchased) so that the student can see themselves perform skills and situations. This has been a great training aid in gaining rapid progress.

STAGE THREE – we motivate through goal accomplishment and positive feedback while pressing the importance of technique, ball control, efficient movement, and high repetitions. In this stage, we focus on the little picture while explaining its role in the big picture.

STAGE FOUR – we train your muscle memory one step at a time until that fundamental, body movement, or skill becomes fluid and thoughtless. During this process, we’ll keep you aware of the game situation that you are practicing in order to keep everything relative and concentrated, which also allows you to perform the skill or movement without putting any thought to it. We train it to become an instinctual “reaction”. Frequently we video tape the workout to allow you to view your improvements and technique frame by frame. We offer a full DVD training package for you to take your lessons home with you to study and learn from.

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Coaches Personal Training Private Lessons

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