Northern California Volleyball Association

The year 2010 marked the 28th year anniversary of the NCVA servicing Northern California and Northern Nevada.

We are proud of our recent and ongoing accomplishments. In the 2007-2008 season the NCVA region grew to almost 1,200 teams in about 350 clubs. Our Power League – consisting of a two (2) day Qualifier held in a state of the art Convention Center, three (3) league tournament days and a two (2) day Region Championship also held in a Convention Center – produce some of the top teams at the USAV Junior National Championship level year after year. With the Area League schedule of a one (1) day Qualifier and four (4) League tournament days and a two (2) day Regional Championship combined with the Special Tournaments, Non-Leagues and National Level tournaments, our region is one of the most active of the 40 USAV Regions and also the 4th largest in membership numbers.

While we offer numerous league and non league options, we are also proud to host one of only ten National Qualifiers held in the Nation right here in Reno, Nevada. The Far Western National Qualifier is held annually in April. On average we have over 750 teams in attendance. This tournament is held in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center over two weekends in order to accommodate all teams that would like to enter.

This brings with it some challenges that all clubs and regions nation-wide are having.

1.) Playing sites with the tightening budgets at the school level and the demand of other activities on the school facilities. They are for the most part the heart of our sport and if they are the heart then the Club Directors and Coaches are the arteries that feed the players the oxygen (knowledge) they need to become strong and able players, to coaches, to Club Directors in the future of our sport. Thank You!

2.) Coaches with the player numbers growing the coaching pools are being stretched thin. While a lot of our young players move on to other things a select few start to give back to their sport early on in their lives either by coaching or officiating (also needed). Other players move on with their lives with education and work then marriage and children. Once their kids are old enough to start sports they come back to the sport they love, Volleyball. Thank You!

In our continuing effort to provide the opportunity to play high level volleyball, we participate in the USA Volleyball High Performance Program. We put together regional teams to participate in the USAV High Performance Championship Tournament (held annually in a US city – tournament host cities vary by year) and in the European Global Challenge Tournament (held annually in a European city – tournament host cities vary by year), where they have the opportunity to play against many foreign teams. Both tournaments are held annually in the month of July.

As we continue striving to uphold our mission of supporting and developing NCVA programs, community volleyball programs and organizations, actively collecting and distributing volleyball-related information, providing educational opportunities for the regional volleyball community while working in conjunction with volleyball’s national governing body, we look forward to reaching a membership base of 14,000 members for the 2010-2011 season.

Over the years the NCVA has been recognized for being on the forefront of new developments in the way that we organize tournaments, large venues on sport courts, Power League, Area League and Non-Leagues. We also offer more tournaments than any other region including President’s Day, Far Westerns, Cal Kickoff, Spring Classic, etc. You may not be aware that our Handbook is recognized and copied throughout the USAV Regions. Every season each division’s handbooks are updated with rule changes, dates and pertinent information for the upcoming year.

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